Who am I?

That's an interesting question, really. Who am I? I'm Alex, aka Beri for this website. I am German. I am, well, a nerd. I am a Mac user. Does any of that answer your question?

Of course, I could write a lot more, like copy the stuff that's more or less public on websites like Facebook or MySpace anyway. But then, most people are now starting to realize that you shouldn't tell people you don't even know everything about you. Besides - the main reason I did this website wasn't to tell everyone who I am, but to learn HTML. Then later came CSS and PHP. And to have a place in the internet where I can share - my comics, my apps, other websites I like. And now I've even started a blog, though the main reason for that was, again, to improve my knowledge about web programming. That's basically it.

So, if you're interested in my apps or anything, feel free to look around. And to leave your thoughts, either in my guestbook or via e-mail: alex


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