This app is no longer being developed, since Apple's Notes app in Mountain Lion replaced it for me.

Notizen is a small word processor, like TextEdit really, except it loads a whole folder containing rtf files, which are then displayed in a list. Each file (note) can also have a priority.




Readme file

Notizen (Notes) - a note management tool.

Notizen (German for notes) is a tool for managing RTF files - you can select any folder with RTF files which can be displayed, edited and prioritized in Notizen. Starting with version 0.2 even subfolders are included.

By default the directory ~/Documents/Notizen will be used. If it doesn't exist, it will be created when you save your first note. However, you can select any other directory in the preferences.

How to install

You can install Notizen like you install most other Mac applications - by copying the application file from the disk image to your Applications folder and then deleting the disk image.

Managing notes

To add or remove notes, you can use the buttons [+] and [-] beneath the note list. Warning: If you delete a note, the note file won't be moved into the trash, but removed completely!

To rename or prioritize a note, just double click on it or use the third button.

Managing subfolders

Over the list of notes there is a button that shows the subfolders of the main notes folder. Manage╔ will open a drawer where you can select the default subfolder.

In this version it's not yet possible to add subfolders or move notes from within Notizen, you have to use the Finder for that. However, there is a Finder button and a reload button in the subfolder drawer to simplify that task, so that you don't have to restart Notizen every time you change the subfolders.


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