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Skippy - 07.05.2010 2:22
Hey Alex.. me again.. just checking in.. i have been using the new spin lately.. like it much more than old spin.

Yes.. I use to live in Australia before I moved to the UK and then moved back again.

You dont remember my boys cus my eldest is only 4.. lol... cant believe I have known you 6 years now.. :D

Skippy - 27.01.2010 5:58
Hey Alex do you remember me.. we met on spin.. I lived in the UK but I now live in Australia.. I have two little boys.. :D

Comment by Alex:
Hey, I do remember you! Well I don't remember your two little boys.. but I remember we talked on Spin and that you had something to do with Australia. (Hadn't you lived there before you lived in the UK?)

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